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I help heart centered experts like you attract the right audience and sign on their soulmate clients using the power of VIDEO so they can create major ripples and profits from the comfort of their home (or while they travel)!

My step-by-step, sales, marketing & mindset system can help you become the most profitable, happiest version of yourself ever.  

Here's how:

  • Get VISIBLE and Captivate your audience with your most powerful, unique MESSAGE by learning how to use VIDEO and LIVESTREAMS  with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Learn the art and secrets of getting leads and converting them into clients (you don't have to create a ton of content to succeed but you do need a system).

  • Organize your creative chaos (message, content, story) into an irresistible offer.

  • Create multiple streams of income from your expertise and leverage your time.
  • Carve out your PLACE in your market with laser focus and confidence.

EVERYTHING is worth SOULidifying...

I believe that anything worth creating is worth being anchored in awesomeness that delivers, inner purpose, pleasure, peace and prosperity. That is the power of the human spirit - that is the power of passion and creativity. Yep, you're supposed to  have your cake and eat it to.



The Business Alchemist


"Mariel Alvarado is true to her word and what she can help her clients achieve. When I hired Mariel, I was ready to leave my stable corporate job; to take the leap off the mountain and pursue my passion. She helped me develop a short term strategy to keep my bills paid while working on more automated sustainable long term goals. I have an established brand already and I had to find a way to integrate a new "offer" in to all that I had already built without damaging the original foundation. Mariel assisted me with this and honestly, watching her work was truly a privilege because she channels ideas from deep within. I am an intuitive guide and healer so I can appreciate this. Following instruction and proven models works but not if you aren't in alignment. She took all of my anxiety, guilt, and doubt and made it OK for me to travel within to figure it all out. It changed me, my business and my life and I am eternally grateful!"

Renee Jensen
Founder & Intuitive Healer at My Time Out LLC

"Morning ladies ! I personally want to thank you for all the hard work you have done to show my sister Luz Corredor how to grow her business in such a short time. We've had a 20% increase in business since starting. Mariel, here is proof your system works! This is just the beginning ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Luz , amazing work! "

Wilson Corredor
Co-Founder of Corredor Cleaning Crew

"I worked with Mariel as a business coach and I had no idea how granular we would get. She gets in the weeds with you. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you identify your authentic strengths and then ties it to your brand message. Lastly, Mariel is trained in soul. She calls this her magic. I think it’s because she teaches from a place of love and wanting to help people achieve their dreams."

Jardin Floral Infusions

"I’m a business owner and I am an expert in kids who struggle behaviorally and socially. But I am not an expert in marketing. So I sought help from Mariel and now am working with someone who is. Mariel’s coaching had the exact solution I was looking for. What was incredible about my first session with Mariel is that she opened my eyes to the possibility of branding myself and my individual center – beyond what the national brand means. We spent the entire day co-creating MY brand for MY center. She showed me how to incorporate that into my social media posts. I now have a plan and a purpose behind what I am sharing – a consistent message, illuminating what my center and my team can offer, even in the simplest posts. I never would have thought about this if it wasn’t for Mariel. What I love best about working with Mariel is that it’s like instantly getting a best friend – she’s on your team, she’s in your corner, she’s invested in you and your team, and she wants you to succeed! Best decision I made since I opened my business and I think everyone should have a coach. "

Brain Balance Center Franchise Owner

""I enjoy helping couples and individuals with various challenges and see them grow and improve. What I never learned how to do is how not to just work in my business, but how to work on my business. When I started working with Mariel, I learned for the first time in my “business life” that there could be an approach combining money and soul. I have doubled the number of couples I help by learning multiple new and exciting sales and marketing concepts for my business. These concepts include identifying my signature business archetype and using it to create my brand values, brand messaging, and I’ve deeply explored and defined my niche in business. Mariel was very inspiring in developing a different attitude towards the business marketing and my growth in revenue. She’s also very instrumental in creating different mindset for my private practice.""

PH.D., LCSW, Founder at Key 2 Connection Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist

"I've actually never felt so prepared. I so appreciate you pushing me and suggesting that I create my signature talk because it is so powerful and so important to have it written down and organized! Thank you!!! "

Jean Marie Catanzano
Certified Holistic Health Coach

"I want to thank Mariel for all her wisdom. I’m not the same person since I’ve known her, thank you for giving your all to our talks and being able to touch each and everyone’s hearts, How To Create A Badass Signature Talk is amazing and it’s helped me think of new ways to express myself, and help me find more reason to love what I do. thank you Mariel!"

Olga Medina
Founder Of -Simply You Hair Boutique

"I worked with Mariel because she is very inspiring. She has the ability to connect people to a new level. She has a beautiful spirit and she loves what she does. She has a passion for empowering women to build their business. One of the key elements of her program is helping you to organize your time, which is key for a successful business. She is very generous with her time and her desire for growth. I recommend her program. You'll be connected with a beautiful group of women as an extra bonus. I'm part of the coffee partner program as well and it is a great way to get people together and share their knowledge and create long-lasting relationships. Love my Mariel and look forward to staying connected for many years to come!"

Yudy Veras Bueno
Transformational Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Guide - and author of "The Ancient Path - Listening To The Call of Our Ancestors" blog