What's Keeping You From Promoting Your Business Online (it may have something to do with your sister)

“I used to be told I was too much because I dressed nice, and spoke well... for awhile (and even not too recently) I would always try and not be too dressed up and would be super casual.” Christian (one of my lovely students)


Congratulations! You're the new star of your business. And let me tell you…you've got it all: knowledge, charm, personality. And guess what? People need to see that if so they know if you’re a good fit.

 But why then do you feel so much resistance to being seen?

That quote above…this is not the first time I hear this story with my students. 

If you are someone who shines very brightly and is deeply passionate about things (like me), then you might feel like there are times when you don’t know how bright your light needs to shine or how much of yourself needs to come out in order for people around you to see it. 

You may even wonder if it would hurt your cause more than help, if everyone knows all the...

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How To Heal Your Fears of Being Visible on Your Personal Page

If you find yourself thinking “I want to do videos and posts, I want to be visible and spread my message, but I don’t want to do it on my personal profile” then you need to work on healing your visibility fears. 

It’s so important to work on visibility blocks because if you want to create more impact with your market through masterminds or being a speaker, you have to be visible. 

The only people who don’t need to be visible are those who want to continue doing one-on-one work. But you don’t have to do that exhausting work. You can reach more people and work from anywhere in the world. If you learn how to do it correctly, you can really make a lot of money. 

Being visible isn’t something you should feel is optional. How will you make a sale if people don’t know you’re there?


One of the reasons a lot of us have visibility blocks is because we know so much. For some of us, our block is that we’re always...

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How to Align Your Marketing with The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can help you to attract more clients with less stress if you really work to apply it in the marketing of your business. If you want to see how you can use The Law of Attraction to guide you in marketing your business in a way that feels good keep reading and watch the video replay of our Wisdom Wednesday conversation in The SELF-ish Society.

You see, the problem is that most women entrepreneurs go into "building their business and marketing mode" and while this is type of focus and intention is necessary, it can also be counter productive to keeping you in alignment with The LOA.  

The Law of Attraction states that you will always get more of whatever state of mind and BEIGN you are in.  So if you're in a state of feeling lack, worry, overwhelm and you are BEING aware of not having something,'re transmitting the wrong signal. 

Watch the video to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about. 


 Here are 4...

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Shift Into a New State of Consciousness In Your Business In COVID-19 Era


A new world has emerged things will never be the same.  

In this interview (and now blog), learn how to shift into a new state of consciousness in your business so you can create an income for yourself and your family and you can help the people you are here to help!

Let me ask you this: 

With the economy crashing, people losing their jobs, an imminent recession looming are you worried about your household income?

WHAT are YOU going to do about creating an income for yourself and your family during COVID-19?

The other day another coach said to me, "it's like a gold rush for coaches right now!"

And you know what, she's right.  I've been busier than ever but there's 2 big things that are holding a lot of brilliant and wisdom filled Coaches and Transformational Leaders. 

  1.  Old Inner blocks and emotional dysfunction right now
  2. They haven't created the right offers and don't know how to set up the systems get clients

But honestly #1 is the worst....

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Learn How To Tap Into Your Highest Work.


Have you ever wondered if you are delivering the most impactful transformation you are capable of to your clients or if you are living in your full potential as a  Teacher, Healer, Guide, Counselor, Psychotherapist/Clinician, Coach, Mystic?

Are you ready to tap into your full potential spiritually and financially as a transformational expert?

These 6 tips will help you get into alignment with what I like to call your Highest Work as a transformational expert.  

Now, what I call you Highest Work is the full expression of your gifts that help others in their transformation. 

So if you are a healer, you may have the gift to heal trough Reiki. If you are a coach, you may have the gift of leadership or if you are a modern mystic, you may have the gift of vision...

At every level of life in your career there is a "next level" expression of your unique gifts.  

The problem is, it's not always easy to understand what your Highest Work...

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The #1 Step In Building An Online Business or Course (it's not what you think)


Yesterday, Marci and I had our first mini workshop about the first step in becoming an online entrepreneur or building your online course. BELIEF.

I deeply believe (now more than ever) that every business has an online version of that business living in the VORTEX...waiting to be downloaded.

Yep...that's right! 

COVID19 era has shown us not only our vulnerabilities but also our resourcefulness and is stepping us into our strengths more than ever.

I've seen all kinds of new online business pop up out of "no-where" AKA the VORTEX...and it makes me smile because being resourceful is the combination and use of our natural God-given gift...our WILL-POWER. 

The problem can't succeed or even get started unless you have the conerstone covered...THE BELIEF THAT YOU CAN DO IT.

The Universe often gives us that moment of..."I have this sweet idea...".

But sadly we we often let our inner SABOTEUR archetype win the battle and we end up killing the idea or simply...

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Part 3: How To Manifest Clients


 by Mariel Alvarado

Today I talk about the the most obvious part of manifesting a goal (which can also be the trickiest)....Getting into Action.

The video was live in The SELF-ish Society, so join the fun if you're not in there!

If you’re a transformational leader, coach, expert or healer of sorts and you want to manifest more clients, this is for you!

Here's the thing, because we are physical human beings we must get into physical action.  The problem is that this can get tricky (especially in business).

I'm sure you've heard many "silver bullets" and step by step systems (some of which can easily make one break out into hives).  

There's a lot of noise out there. It's feels like a zoo sometimes.

But here's the truth...some of this well meaning advice can actually put you in exactly the opposite state of what you need to be in, in order to manifest what you want! 

Of course, some actions are absolutely necessary.

For example, surely you...

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Part 2: 3 Magic Numbers To Manifest More Clients


Have you ever tried manifesting new clients and you feel like you did everything right?

  • You've Visualized it
  • You’re all “Mantra'd out”
  • You’re super high vibe….

But hear CRICKETS.

You may even understand (PART 1 of this series) which is all about: 

“WHO WE ARE AS A CLIENT TO OTHERS IS THE TYPE OF CLIENT WE ATTRACT TO OURSELVES,” but if you haven’t checked that out, definitely check it out!


Manifesting clients is about knowing how to use your co-creative powers (FOCUSED ENERGY) to be of service to others and make mo’ money doing it !


BUT, if you’re not focusing your energy and action in the right direction, it can still feel like an upstream battle.


You see, your focus is ENERGY IN MOTION. 

Where your FOCUS goes, your energy flows and IT grows.

Unfortunately we tend to IGNORE a very important piece of the puzzle, in the client manifestation game... our NUMBERS.


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Part 1: How To Manifest Clients Without Working Harder

How To Manifest Clients Without Working Harder

by Mariel Alvarado

Let's talk about manifesting clients!

Manifesting more clients is not about working harder or even smarter.  

It’s not about:

  • Manipulating people into saying “yes”
  • It’s not about networking more online or off-line
  • It’s not about becoming better at what you do.

Manifesting more clients is about deliberately harnessing and apply your (Co-Creative) energy  to help you gain more CLIENTS with ease.

You already have Everything you need to start manifesting clients right now, at YOUR particular skill level, sans overwhelm and anxiety.

However, one of the problems some people have when it comes to manifesting more clients deliberately is that sometimes when we send out our request to the Universe, we may be in a state of want, need or desperation.

And... if you're a fan of the law of attraction you know that the Universe is always giving us more of whatever...

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How To Get Creative With Your Content


Why create content you ask, because CONTENT IS QUEEN.

You’re an expert and being an expert means you’re good at something that people are paying you to do for them. It’s good to share your expertise with the world.

In fact, when you do you are:

• Setting yourself up to be seen as an expert
• Getting people involved with your brand
• Getting people to know you, like you and trust you
• It increases your perceived value in the market
• It feels good to talk about the things that you’re passionate about


The problem is, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and:
• You run out of ideas and you feel like you don’t know what to talk about
• You don’t want to give away your stuff for free
• You don’t know how much to give and how much is too much
• Everyone is already talking about everything…you don’t want to copy people… You want to be...

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